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Foothills Animal Hospital Reviews

"With only ONE overwhelmed vet servicing the whole Imperial Valley, we took our cat to this place because he was limping. It was a very pleasant experience! We were welcomed by their friendly staff and it was decorated beautifully with dog and cat decor. There was even complimentary coffee and water! Most importantly, the place was CLEAN! The veterinarian came in to check our cat, explained the options for his care, and answered all of our questions. They gave us an estimate of what the services would cost so we would not be hit with any surprises and handled the care of our cat professionally. I was impressed with this place! It's nice to know they're only one hour away in case my pets ever need emergency care. Such a great example of what every business should strive for!"

Letty G.

"Very Thankful to Foothills Animal Hospital for their professional staffing and awesome veterinarians! I took my Skylar in on emergency and they were as accommodating as possible during COVID on getting her seen in a timely manner. Love their follow-up call to check in on her too!"

Tracy R.

"We had a great experience at this facility. We were traveling through Yuma when our pup suddenly got sick, they got us in and diagnosed them within a few hours and provided such great care to her. They were very thorough and explained everything, including costs throughout the process. The staff and Veterinarian were wonderful. We would definitely use them again and recommend them to others"

Cindy B.
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